Coating Spray

Braid Line Coating Spray


Braid Line Coating Spray (TL-436J)   - Bottle size : 1.69 oz (50 ml) - Deposits water repelling protective layer on PE (Polyethylene) braid line and make up damaged filaments and scratches on it  - Minimized water absorption reduces...

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Fluorocarbon Line Coating Spray


Fluorocarbon Line Coating Spray (TL-411K) Rejuvenate fluorocarbon lines and extends lifespan. Helps to hold brand new condition for a prolonged period and enhances durability when used to new lines. - Bottle size : 1.69 oz (50 ml) - Spray directly...

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Rod Coating Spray


Rod Coating Spray (TL-433U) Multi-purpose rod coating spray that makes anything it touches ultra smooth and slippery by forming slick coating layer to protect rod and generate longer casting distance - Bottle size : 1.69 oz (50 ml) - Spray directly...

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Smell Remover Spray


Smell Remover Spray (TL-429H) Smell Remover eliminates fishy smell by decomposing its molecules through catalytic chemical reaction. It's not temporarily overriding fragrance on the stink so that this remover doesn't have any color or smell itself. It...

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UV Reactor Spray


UV Reactor Spray (TL-430J) [Color Options] Original (Yellowish Green) , Red, Violet, Black It's known that UV perception of fishes has things to do with detecting predators and food. Hitena have been studying the importance of UV lights since long ago...

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