Hula Hoop Swivel


Hula Hoop Swivel [Size Chart] - Ultra Power Swivel and horizontal Solid Ring combo- Ring lies at the neck of swivel like a hula hoop (between stem and housing) so hooks move around swivel without any interruption- 360° horizontal and 180°...

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Punched Solid Ring


Punched Solid Ring - 100% Stainless Steel [Size Chart] - Best quality solid ring for any purpose - NO WELDING - just punched out then abrasive blast ground to the perfection- Incredibly sleek and silky smooth surface throughout whole...

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Solid Ring


Solid Ring - 100% Stainless Steel [Size Chart] - Best quality sold ring- Round and smooth surface minimizes physical, thermal damage to lines and other tackle - Strength up to 690 lb - 100% Stainless Steel, rust and corrosion proof- Works great for...

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Split Ring HT


Split Ring HT - 100% Stainless Steel [Size Chart] - Best quality split ring - Sleek surface throughout whole circumference - Unbeatable strength up to 280 lb - 100% Stainless Steel

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Tinsel + Oval Ring


Tinsel (D/FM/TM Type) + Oval Ring [Tinsel Option] D, FM, TM [Color Option] Gold, Silver [Size Option] Small, Medium, Large [Size Chart] Tinsel What can fish see? Vision is an important sensory system for fish but do they see the same as human?...

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Tippet Ring


Tippet Ring - Anti-Glare Matte Black (10 rings/pack) Tippet Ring minimizes leader line loss at breakage and make rigging fast and easy. Tie tippet section of the leader to one end of the ring and the tippet to the other. You'll only need to replace...

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Ultra Power Swivel + Solid Ring


Ultra Power Swivel + Solid Ring [Size Chart] - Ultra Power Swivel and Solid Ring combo- When ring is connected to assist line, no separate split ring is required since most of the tension is on swivel and ring path as below,     Ultra Power...

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