Fly Fishing

Side Clip


Side Clip (10 clips/pack) - Instantly secures a tag point on the line without knot or line cut (4~6 wraps on each side of clip completes tag point for other tackle or branch line)- Connects directly to tackle (hook, snap, swivel, .....

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Articulated Shank


Articulated Shank for Multi Spine Flies, Extended Streamers (25 shanks/pack) - Highest quality Black finish to minimize spooking fish- Round and smooth surface to prevent thread fray/damage- Break strength 40 lb which is enough for any fly...

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Fly Snap


Fly Snap (30 snaps/pack) - Highest quality Black finish to minimize spooking fish- Absolutely round and smooth to prevent tippet damage and provides best knot strength- Highest strength for its small dimension (Break strength up to 16...

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Tippet Ring


Tippet Ring - Anti-Glare Matte Black (10 rings/pack) Tippet Ring minimizes leader line loss at breakage and make rigging fast and easy. Tie tippet section of the leader to one end of the ring and the tippet to the other. You'll only need to replace...

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Tapered Leader - Fluorocarbon


Tapered Leader - Fluorocarbon - Made from 100% Fluorocarbon tippet material Aquanix- Super supple and low memory - coiling straightens fairly easy at moderate tension applied- Seamlessly transfers energy to turn over flies perfectly- Abrasion resistance...

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Tapered Leader - Multi-polymer


Tapered Leader - Multi-Polymer (3/pack) - Made from the same Nylon-based Multi-polymer tippet material Supernix  - extremely strong and floats better than mono- Super supple with very low memory and seamlessly transfers energy to turn over...

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Tackle/Fly Box


Tackle/Fly box - Simply HIGHEST QUALITY AND PRECISION TACKLE/FLY BOX available in the market - Comes in 3 sizes (609/615/915), 2 colors (White, Smoke), 16 types of tackle/fly/jighead compartments combination - Compact and slim...

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Super Quick Clip


Super Quick Clip (8/pack) [Size Chart] - Just a few wraps along the clip finishes connection to fly (No knot required)- No sharp bend of knots - Makes almost 100% linear strength for fly connection- Swaps flies instantly- Can be used with any tippet...

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Tinsel (5.5yd) - 44% off


Tinsel [Tinsel Option] F, T, D, FM, TM, FF, TT Type [Color Option] Hologram Gold, Hologram Silver, Aurora Gold, Aurora Silver, Aurora Red, Aurora, UV, Glow, Mix What can fish see? Vision is an important sensory system for fish but do they see the...

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