Paranix - No-Memory Fly Tippet (33yd)

Paranix - No-Memory Fly Tippet (33yd)

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Paranix® No-Memory Fly Tippet (33yd)

Paranix is completely new tippet material that has medium density between nylon and fluorocarbon and could be used for both dry fly and nymphing. This all-rounder is also known as No Memory Tippet since it straightens out right away once moderate tension is applied so you don't need to waste your time to straighten tippet. It is even clearer, more sensitive and has better knot strength and abrasion resistance than fluorocarbon. We believe this is an innovation in fly fishing to take your game to the next level. Due to the far superior knot strength, you might want to consider downsizing with Paranix, which will add another benefit to your fishing. 

- PBT (Poly-Butylene Terephthalate) based multi-polymer
Density 1.42 positions in the middle of nylon's 1.14 and fluorocarbon's 1.78 - This slow sinking tippet material can be used for both dry fly and nymphing. When used for dry fly, reduces tippet shade by slightly sinking from the surface
No memoryAny kink or coiling perfectly straightens out once slight tension is applied (Just stretch a bit - Do not pinch/scrape with fingers). Keeps its straight profile from the leader to hook
Clearer than fluorocarbon - Check Underwater Invisibility and Microscopic photo. Works extremely well for wary fishes in clear water
Ultra sensitivity with exceptionally low stretch - only abt 50% stretch compared to fluorocarbon
Abrasion resistance at least 5 times better than fluorocarbon
Knot strength 10% better than fluorocarbon
- Absolutely zero water absorption - No difference between dry and wet strength
- Almost zero UV degradation - No need to change tippet every season like mono
- Full size range from 0X to 13X available

- 3 grades WT/VT/XT available - All made with the same base material
     WT : Highest grade Paranix with the best strength and abrasion resistance
     VT : Regular grade Paranix that inherits all basic property of Paranix like no memory, clearness, no water absorption, no UV degradation  
     XT : Specially made for ultimate sensitivity with the lowest stretch among 3 variations but stiffest 

[Size Chart] 

Fluorocarbon disappears in water?

A myth that fluorocarbon is not visible to fish is wrong. To verify this simple thing, check yourself if you cannot see fluorocarbon tippet submerged in water - sometimes fluorocarbon is even more visible than mono (nylon) tippets underwater. It's true that fluorocarbon has refractive index closer to water compared to other tippet materials but refraction plays just a small part in invisibility and sometimes reflection has more important role when it comes to a few thousandth line diameter since reflection is the bounce of light while refraction is the shift of direction of light. Moreover, apart from the reflection and refraction, we still have many more things to consider in invisibility such as clearness of material itself, UV visibility, depth of water, fish you are targeting, weather condition and time of the day like sunrise/daytime/sunset. All these things are combined one another to affect the visibility so refractive index cannot solely decide if fish can see the tippet or not. You might have experienced nylon mono line works even better than fluorocarbon in some circumstances.

When it comes to the clearness of the material which is another important element in invisibility, the fact is fluorocarbon is not much clear as you believe. To verify this, you can pull out one of your mono and fluorocarbon tippet spools to lay side by side and see which one is clearer - you might be surprised to find how hazy the fluorocarbon itself is. Check the photo below to see how fluorocarbon tippet compares to Paranix in real world. We are not saying fluorocarbon is bad. It has its own place in fly fishing – it’s the fastest sinking tippet useful for nymphing and generally better abrasion resistance than mono. But if you use fluorocarbon in a belief that it’s not visible, you might be missing something out. 

We wouldn't say Paranix is always the best tippet material for fly fishing but one thing we know is Paranix works extremely well for fishing on clear water. We have a lot of customers who use Paranix exclusively for this reason. You should get noticeably more bites from wary fishes with Paranix, not to mention other advantages such as no memory feature, extreme sensitivity with its lowest stretch, 5 times better abrasion resistance and 10% better knot strength than fluorocarbon tippet. 

[Clarity] Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet 5X vs Paranix 5X


[Underwater invisibility] Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet 5X vs Paranix 5X


[Abrasion Resistance] Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet 5X vs Paranix 5X (Same thickness) - Rubbed with sand paper side by side


[Memory] Paranix XT 5X - Just a little bit of stretch recovers tippet completely straight and kinks free    


[Sinking] Fluorocarbon vs Paranix - Medium density 1.42 enables Paranix to sink slowly and doesn't form slack in water



Hitena Tippet Materials
It’s all about Strength, Sensitivity, Abrasion resistance and Suppleness – by its performance, not by brand name

Hitena has 4 different fly tippets by its material and action in water - Supernix, Nynix, Paranix and Aquanix. Supernix and Paranix are new material multi-polymer tippets while Nynix and Aquanix are counterparts of conventional mono and fluorocarbon tippets respectively.

Quick Comparison


* Higher grade in the same product has better abrasion resistance, suppleness, sensitivity

Supernix (New Material Multi-polymer – Nylon base)
   - Even lighter and floats better than mono. Virtually floating on moving water - Recommended for dry fly
   - Simply the strongest tippet available in the market

   - Super supple and extremely low memory – coiling out of spool straightens easily at moderate tension applied
   - No UV degradation or excessive water absorption like mono tippets

      Supernix Camo
         - An innovation in tippet material – While fly fishers have looked for clear tippet materials, the truth is ‘no fish lives in 100% clear water’. To minimize spooking fish, tippet itself was camouflaged by reproducing real water condition in it
         - Pigments were spot fused in the tippet to have it look natural stream water containing algae, clay and particles while keeping its original strength
         - Available in 2 colors - Smoke and Olive so fly fishers can choose better performing one depending on their surroundings (Olive for summer green stream or Smoke for winter rocky spot, for example)

Nynix (Nylon Co-polymer)
   - Premium Nylon copolymer tippet with super suppleness and strength
   - Abrasion resistance even better than some of the fluorocarbon tippets in the market
   - Size available down to 14X (2/1000’ diameter) which is the world thinnest tippet material

Paranix (New Material Multi-polymer – PBT base)
   - Absolutely no memory – Any kink or coiling perfectly straightens out at slight tension applied (no pinch/scrape with fingers). No curving out of knot or hook – Keeps its straight profile from the leader to hook
   - Medium density in the middle of mono and fluorocarbon makes it all-rounder with slow sinking. When used for dry flies, reduces tippet shade by slightly sinking in water  
   - Far clearer than fluorocarbon – Compare Paranix with fluorocarbon tippets and see yourself how clearer Paranix is. Works extremely well for wary fishes in clear water
   - Lowest stretching tippet available in the market - Extreme sensitivity for better hookset
   - Abrasion resistance at least 5 times better than fluorocarbon
   - Knot strength is abt 10% better than fluorocarbon, which makes it even stronger in real fishing
   - No UV degradation or excessive water absorption
   - XT is specially made for the ultimate sensitivity with the lowest stretch among 3 variations but stiffest

Aquanix (Fluorocarbon)
   - Made with the highest grade fluorocarbon
   - LT is the lowest stretching fluorocarbon tippet available in the market for extreme sensitivity
   - Exceptionally supple, super low memory and better abrasion resistance - ultimate performance in another level
   - Higher strength (16/18/20/25lb) also available for saltwater





Unlike others who bring OEM products after rebranding, 100% of Hitena tippet materials are polymerized, spun and packaged at our own factory by ourselves.



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